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Australian Federal Police Raise Concerns Over Egyptian INTERPOL Notice

Mr Latif as pictured in the red notice
Mr Latif as pictured in the red notice
The Australian Federal Police have raised concerns about an INTERPOL red notice issued by Egypt.

The red notice was originally issued in 2001 and named Mr Sayed Abel Latif in relation to premeditated murder, destruction of property, and the possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives without a permit. The red notice was renewed in 2011 and reaffirmed in January 2013.

After concerns were raised in the Australian media, the AFP looked into the accuracy of the charges.

Egyptian authorities later removed the charges and a red notice was reissued via INTERPOL for Mr Latif’s alleged membership of an illegally-formed extremist organisation and forging travel documents for the organisations members.

The AFP issued a statement on 14th June saying:

…Additionally, the AFP will write to the INTERPOL Secretary General expressing its concerns about the changing nature of this document, and the implications of these changes for Mr Latif and for the AFP. The AFP will request these concerns be formally relayed to INTERPOL Cairo…

Mr Latif and his family are being held in a detention centre in Australia, awaiting a decision on their asylum application.They were moved from a low-security facility in Adelaide to the maximum security Villawood detention centre in Sydney after the full extent of Mr Latif’s 1999 convictions by a military court were revealed.

Mr Latif was sentenced in absentia by the Mubarak regime and his case has become a hot political issue in Australia as some question the veracity of the charges levelled at him, while others in government say that Mr Latif should have always been held at a maximum security facility, given the severity of his conviction in Egypt.

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