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Australia: Tropical Cyclone Dianne & Ex-Tropical Cyclone Carlos

Satellite image taken at 11:32 UTC on 17th Feb 2011 courtesy ABM

There are two weather systems moving through Australian territory at present: Tropical Cyclone Dianne & Tropical Cyclone Carlos.

Tropical Cyclone Carlos is a tropical low located on the coast of the Northern Territory and Tropical Cyclone Dianne is a category 2 cyclone located off the coast of Western Australia.

Tropical Cyclone Carlos

The following advisory was issued by the Bureau of Meteorology in Darwin, Northern Territory at 5:00 pm CST [3:30 pm WST] on Thursday 17 February 2011:

A Cyclone WATCH continues for coastal areas from Daly River Mouth in the Northern Territory to Kalumburu in Western Australia, including Kununurra and Wyndham.

At 3:30 pm CST [2:00 pm WST] Ex-Tropical Cyclone Carlos was estimated to be over land 100 kilometres south of Darwin and 175 kilometres northeast of Port Keats and moving southwest at 5 kilometres per hour further inland.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Carlos is expected to continue moving southwest and may move into the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf early on Saturday.

GALES are not expected in coastal areas within the next 24 hours, however gales could develop between Daly River Mouth in the NT and Kulumburu in WA, if the system moves over water on Saturday.

The Territory Controller advises communities under Cyclone Watch that now is the time to put together your emergency kit, clear your yards and balconies, and commence home shelter preparations.

FESA-State Emergency Service advises that there are no community alerts at present. Communities between the NT/WA Border and Kalumburu should listen for the next advice.

Details of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Carlos at 3:30 pm CST:

  • Centre located near…… 13.3 degrees South 130.8 degrees East
  • Location accuracy…….. within 35 kilometres
  • Recent movement………. towards the southwest at 5 kilometres per hour
  • Wind gusts near centre… 100 kilometres per hour
  • Severity category…….. below cyclone intensity
  • Central pressure……… 995 hectoPascals

Please ensure that neighbours have heard and understood this message, particularly new arrivals or those who may not fully understand English.

The next advice will be issued by 11:00 pm CST Thursday 17 February [9:30 pm WST Thursday 17 February].

This advice is available on telephone NT-1300 659 211

Diagram courtesy Darwin Bureau of Meteorology

Tropical Cyclone Dianne

Tropical Cyclone Dianne is due to make landfall in the Cape Cuvier area, WA, on February 19th, 2011. The Western Australia Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre issued the following warning at 5:47 pm WST on Thursday 17 February 2011:

Tropical Cyclone Advice Number 11

A Cyclone WARNING is current for coastal areas from Exmouth to Coral Bay.

A Cyclone WATCH is current for coastal areas from Onslow to Exmouth and Coral Bay to Overlander Roadhouse, including Carnarvon and Denham.

At 5:00 pm WST Tropical Cyclone Dianne, Category 2 was estimated to be 445 kilometres northwest of Exmouth and 700 kilometres north northwest of Carnarvon and was near stationary.

Tropical Cyclone Dianne remains near stationary well off the northwest coast. Dianne is expected to drift slowly south overnight Thursday and during Friday.

If it moves closer to the coast GALES with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour may develop in coastal areas between Exmouth and Coral Bay on Friday, extending south to Overlander Roadhouse during Saturday.

If Dianne takes a more south easterly track DESTRUCTIVE winds with gusts in excess of 125 kilometres per
hour may occur between Coral Bay and Overlander Roadhouse on Saturday.

Tides along the entire west coast are likely to exceed the high water mark over the next few days, with flooding of low lying coastal areas possible between Onslow and Shark Bay (Denham).

A Flood Warning is current for the Gascoyne, Murchison and Greenough Rivers and a Flood Watch is current for the Irwin River. Flooding is also expected in other areas of Western Australia. Please refer to the full list of Flood Watches and Warnings at www.bom.gov.au/wa.

FESA State Emergency Service (SES) advises of the following community alerts:

BLUE ALERT: People in or near Exmouth and Coral Bay need to prepare for cyclonic weather and organise an emergency kit including first aid kit, torch, portable radio, spare batteries, food and water.

Other communities between Onslow and Overlander Roadhouse, including Carnarvon and Denham should listen for the next advice.

Details of Tropical Cyclone Dianne at 5:00 pm WST:

  • Centre located near…… 19.0 degrees South 111.2 degrees East
  • Location accuracy…….. within 55 kilometres
  • Recent movement………. near stationary
  • Wind gusts near centre… 130 kilometres per hour and INTENSIFYING
  • Severity category…….. 2
  • Central pressure……… 978 hectoPascals

The next advice will be issued by 9:00 pm WST Thursday 17 February.

Cyclone advices and State Emergency Service Community Alerts are available by dialling  1300 659 210

Diagram Courtesy WA Bureau of Meterology

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