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Australia: Earthquake in Adelaide

The centre of Adelaide

Reports are coming in of a small earthquake which was felt in Adelaide and the surrounding region of South Australia just after 11.30pm CST on Friday 16th April 2010 (2pm GMT).

“I thought the house was going to slide down the hill” said Carly Hannaford, an equestrian trainer from the Adelaide Hills region.

The police have received multiple calls to triple zero and enquiries to the local Bureau of Meteorology. There are thought to be no serious injuries as a result of the tremor.

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  1. I was watching TV and I sence the vibration comming from a westly direction and passing above like a strong wind traveling from West to East, the house shake a little but nothing mayor how ever I was waken up by a BANG!! in the midle of the night arround 5:00am sounded like car crash, I never suspected of the wind to be an earthquake, as for the Bang early morning… no idea must have been dreaming lol

  2. I am in England and I got a txt from a mate in south Australia to say there was a almighty bang and his house shook he said it was very scary

  3. i live in pooraka and i didnt feel a thing. i didnt even know there was an earthquake in adelaide until a friend told me. wonder what i was doing at 11:30 pm……

  4. in aberfoyle park we felt it too i was on the computer and i fell out of my chair and i was scared coz i didnt know what it was mum thought a plane or truck had hit our house!

  5. i was sitting in bed on facebook and msn and then i felt the tremor it lasted about 5-6 seconds down at noarlunga and everything was shaking and the first thing i said was EARTHQUAAAKE!!!!! and hid under neath my blanket lol.
    it felt like i was in a car and went down a hill and got that funny feeling in my stomach and also ithought it may have been a large truck going down my street.

  6. oops i mean robber

  7. im in the adelaide hills.. and i felt it.. i thought it was a ribber like bangin on my window.. then my bed moved a little… whaats this bout somethin on Mondaay?? been told bout it and im like scaredd :S .. whaat going on?

  8. felt it in Seaford Rise. i actual thought it was strong wind, like a really bad storm before realising it was a calm night and it was louder. the house creaked and shook and stuff.

  9. LOL. I live in the Adelaide hills and it wasn’t as scary as everyone is making it out to be. A slight rumble and shake for 3 seconds and that was it.

  10. Felt it in Glenelg, thought it was a car or a truck at first, until the whole room started shaking.

  11. I was in bed and my partner was downstairs watching tv. I felt the shake and could hear the tiles on my roof moving. I ran downstairs to find my partner freaking out thinking our sound system had majorly kicked in! (funny) Once I shared with him that I felt the shake and heard the noise, reality hit and we both realised it was a tremour. Thank goodness no one has been hurt!

  12. We sure felt it here in Belair!
    I was sitting at the computer and the whole house started to shake !
    at first I thought it was thunder but then I relaised that it was coming from underneath me not above me . Scared the absolute hell out of me !

  13. We had it here in Elizabeth aswell, I was just playing some Xbox then the whole house shook, mum got down into panic mode and started being prepared for the next one…in less then a few seconds after it there was already a Facebook group with 200+ members.

  14. My husband and I jumped out of bed last night, we heard a noise and then shaking and we are down at Seaford

  15. I thought it was a plane flying too low…. I live at Seacombe Gardens…My cat Naji was acting really wierd round about 11.20 last night, his pupils were fixed and dilated and his hair was standing on end, he was hissing and trying to get under my quilt…It was though he was really scared…

  16. I felt it in Brighton ….. I had gone to bed early, and woke up at about 11.15, imagining it to be early morning, as I was wide awake. I looked at the clock and was really surprised to find that I had only been asleep for about half an hour. I decided to read for a while, and shortly afterwards, heard a sound that was a little like animals walking on the roof, and then the house started to shake. Having felt an aftershock from a Newcastle earthquake years ago, I thought this might be what it was, but still couldn’t quite believe it until I heard the news this morning.

  17. I woke up to this screeching noise and the whole house shaking, it felt as if a train was rushing past the house within inches of hitting it. The noise after was weird. (Bridgewater)

  18. I live near Largs Bay and I felt nothing.

  19. I live in Tanunda and I was waiting for my husband to get home. He has a V6 ute that rumbles quite nicely….and about 3 minutes before he turned up, I heard what sounded like a Top Fueller (his car sounds good but not THAT good). The house shook a little as well. I just moved down from Brisbane and it reminded me of our thunderstorms. My dog had sensed it – he was sticking to me like velcro about 15 minutes before and 30 minutes after the quake.

  20. I live in Lewiston near gawler. While in bed watching TV I heard a loud noise and my windows rattled. I lowered the sound but couldnt hear anything, thought it may have been a truck.

  21. Yea, we felt it in Hallett Cove it felt like something loud coming straight for us! and it shook the bed and that was it!!! Like as said a truck but much much louder!

    • I”m sure it happened to me about 10 ish as I sat on the settee I felt a tremble and shake but it was all over in seconds and I checked on my dog outside who is terrirfied of thunder and he was sitting like quite relaxed so I then thought i had imagined the whole thing and carried on drinking wine and watching TV. I certainly didnt feel anything in the early hours – maybe I’m ahead of time – ooo-errrr!!!!

  22. It wasn’t an earthquake, it was Jane Lomax-Smith’s ego hitting the earth.

  23. the house shook here in Nailsworth, it was extrememly scary. my daughter in law felt it at the airport and my friend at Hope Valley felt it too.

  24. We live on the hills face zone near the quarry and were woken by the house and windows shaking as if a sonic boom had struck the place as the rumble was really loud. We have had smaller shakes over the years but this one was the strongest and loudest in over 10 years here. Kids were freaked out!

  25. I felt it down in davoren park. i thought it was a big truck going past untill i went out side to have a look. and didnt see no truck. so i went on facebook. and it was nut’s everyone was like WTF was that or did u feel that.

  26. Felt it fairly strong here in Woodcroft
    The sound was like a Harley roaring past my window and the whole house was rumbling.

  27. We felt it in West Lakes, It was just a faint noise of rumbling and then a vibration seemed to run under the floor from one end of the house to the other which was followed by another shaking the house. It was like a large truck was rolling by slowly.

  28. I’m in Semaphore. I heard a rumbling noise first and then the garage door started rattling and the ceiling beams were groaning. At first I thought it was the military doing maneuvers again – we felt their explosive tests a few months ago. it was a similar effect. but then i realised it was almost midnight and it was a lot worse.

  29. At 11.30pm the house trembled and the roof shook at Kanmantoo.Woke me up
    and lasted about 10 seconds.

  30. We are in Littlehampton near the epicentre I think, it was frightening.

  31. Why on earth would you call triple 0, everyone could at least guess what an earth quake felt like

  32. Definetely felt it in Somerton Park. I was in bed and heard a lound rumbling and then the place shook.. I woke my husband up to tell him that I heard the wierdest sound and that the place shook. He laughed and said probably an earthquake..as a joke.

  33. I live in Golden Grove and it felt like a car smashed into my house

  34. prasad(Clovelly Park)

    I told my son that was (house shake) the result of an earthquake

  35. We were at Wynn Vale and the ceiling sounded like it was being run across. Very noticable but no damage. I stood up and said “was that an earthquake?”

  36. We live on a fault line here in Adelaide (Flagstaff Hill) and the noise for us was like very loud thunder. The movement started coming through my feet and then up through my body before my brain registered that we were having an earthquake. The house started shaking and then it became frightening! I felt our house ‘shudder’ about six months ago and I’m guessing now that was a warning. Hope tonight wasn’t just another warning!

  37. i heard the sound just before the shaking at Banksia Park and i was suprised it happened

  38. My and my mates down in woodcroft felt the tremor. It was just shaking like a heavy wind was going but harder. I looked outside ad my whole street was outside.

  39. Was about 11.26pm, I went outside to see what had exploded… you would think living on a major fault line one would expect this event to be an earthquake…. but more people use fireworks in my area than we have earthquakes!

  40. I felt it at seaford!!! The whole house felt like it had been hit by a train.I tryed to find out what happened on the net, lucky I was on facebook all my friends in Adelaide where writting about it on the status. It was amazing how quick it was all over face book!! Thank god it was a small one though 🙂

  41. I heard a loud explosion type of noise, thought it was a truck going past, but it was much louder and went longer. I went to the window and could hear it rolling into the distance.

  42. It wasn’t just felt in the Adelaide Hills, it was all over Adelaide. Some reported to have heard an explosion sound before the shaking and some say that all they felt was a slight shake as if a truck was passing by.

    • Thanks Jazza.

      Anyone is welcome to report where they felt the tremors in South Australia from this quake last night.

      • We live near the cliffs at hallett cove and all i could think of was the whole street sliding into the ocean,a huge vibration thats for sure.

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