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Satellites Launch Successfully Aboard Ariane 5 from French Guiana

The ASTRA 1N and BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R satellites have launched successfully aboard the Ariane 5.

The launch took place in Kourou, French Guiana, on August 6th at 19:52 pm local time. The rocket lifted a payload of more than 9000kg through  a 38 minute flight into geostationary transfer orbit.

Arianespace Chairman & CEO Jean-Yves Le Gall proudly recounted the reliability of the launch vehicle:

“Since the beginning of this year, we have launched an Automated Transfer Vehicle to the International Space Station, six telecommunications satellites, and six constellation satellites. It shows that Arianespace leads the pack once again this year, as – since the beginning of 2011 – only two other satellites have been launched by our competitors; and one of those, to our knowledge, did not arrive intact in orbit.”

The commercial relay satellites lifted during the flight will be used for direct television broadcasting services. ASTRA 1N was built by EADS Astrium and BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R spacecraft was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems as part of a turnkey contract for Japanese operators B-SAT Corporation and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation.

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