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  • Ask Doctor H!

    Good Morning Britain in the UK produced this medical feature “Ask Doctor H” in which their television doc, Dr Hilary Jones, answered viewers’ questions; particularly important as the UK Lockdown for Covid-19 begins:

    Dr Hilary answers viewers coronavirus related questions, including can children play together outside, can we still go to Weddings and Stag/Hen Parties and what does loss of taste and smell mean?

    Broadcast on 23/03/20

    Good Morning Britain YouTube Channel

    Piers Morgan, the presenter of Good Morning Britain – often notable for his reactionary, populist views – has to his credit recognised the seriousness of the novel coronavirus outbreak from the outset. You can hear how annoyed Piers is in this feature, too, at the selfish behaviours he perceives among his fellow Brits.

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    Covid-19 is the official WHO name given to the novel coronavirus which broke out in late 2019 and began to spread in the early months of 2020.

    Symptoms of coronavirus

    The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

    • a persistent new cough (non productive, dry)
    • a high temperature (e.g. head feels warm to the touch)
    • shortness of breath (if this is abnormal for the individual, or increased)

    Latest News about Covid-19

    Below are stories from around the globe related to the 2020 outbreak of novel Coronavirus – since the WHO gave the Covid-19 naming. Most recent items are posted nearest the top.

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  • 25 thoughts on “Ask Dr H. Dr Hilary Answers Your Coronavirus Questions | Good Morning Britain”

    1. Sorry not very good pathos old tablet o will try again I have had diabetes for over fifty years iWork in school with children from four to six years i have been in since march . I also have blood pressure can you help to tell me what I should do thank you very much

    2. O am a diabetic with blood pressure i have it for than fifty years o work in school with children give to six what do I do about going back to school o have been insincere march i haven’t both my daughters since January has they work in the bus frontline thank you

    3. Hi
      My daughter ( 4 years old ) has been unwell for almost 4 weeks. Cough, temperature during week 1 and struggling to breath. She still has the cough and is still working hard to breath ( has a tug ) My daughter is also an asthmatic who has been on lots of oral steroids , inhalers and has had over 20 hospital admissions. I’ve taken her to A & E 3 times and because her oxygen levels are ok they will not test her. Shes had 2 lots of antibiotics and 1 5 day course of steroids. My gut feeling is COVID 19 .. what do I do ?!

    4. Hi I had covid 19 4 weeks ago I have a cough come back and it hurts my chest I’m bringing up green thick stuff and hurts to breath in what do i do

    5. Hi thanks for keeping us so well informed. could i ask doctor hiliary a question my daughter has just had her first granddaughter and my grandsons first child, he is living with his inlaws they have seen the baby as they are all in one home, he is upset because his mum has not seen the baby , but my daughter does not want to put the baby or the family at risk, they think as they have hand sanitiser and temperature gauges it will be okay to visit what do you think as this is causing a bit of a stress on everyone.

    6. My brother has COPD ASTHMA AND DIABETES. WE LIVE 20 MILES APART BUT I ACT AS AN UNOFFICIAL CARER. I NEED TO TAKE HIS SHOPPING TO HIM AND WE HAVE AGREED i will leave it outside the door of his static caravan. We are both in our 70s. Will I face a problem with police please?

    7. Airport workers those working on Security checking out going passengers have rubber glove but no face masks very close contact what risk is there with such close contact as can not be 2 m away had their hours cut and 20% pay cut not good for them part and full time workers still have to work as classed important but more at risk than anyone should the company be giving out face masks.

    8. I’m sick and can’t get paracetamol on eBay they are selling it for £20 – £249 a packet people are profiting out out other s misery

    9. I work at a local Chinese doing delivery, answering the phone ect. Its a very small place but with lots of staff. So social distancing is impossible. This is a big worry to me and havnt heard much information about these types of jobs. I am self employed so get no help and am a single parent I feel I’m in an impossible position, any information or guidance would be greatly appriciated

    10. 85 year old dad has limited mobility. I can do his shopping but if I left it on the doorstep he wouldn’t be able to lift it am I able to take it into the kitchen for him then leave as long as I wipe the door handle as I leave and he stays in another dad is worried that I will be breaking rules if I take it into his bungalow. Many thanks

    11. Hi Dr.H,
      My daughter in law has just had a caesarean section and will be needing bringing home from hospital with my newborn grandson, my son will be going to collect them both but will need me to sit with their other children whilst he collects them both, as I am the only person I can ask ( and I have the baby seat at my home) will I be okay to do this as I can’t see any other way, I will also need to take a taxi to their home as I don’t have a car. thanks for the advice.

    12. Hi My daughter is trying to work with toddlers who I used to care for . I have suggested I do washing and ironing leaving it on the doorstep is this ok?

    13. Hi Please ask Doc H.. would an oxygenated and pressurized environment help someone suffering from the coronavirus? As this is all that certain types of ventilators do. We could very easily do this on a very large scale by simple modifications to some aircraft. an aircraft cabin is a pressurized tube we would need to fit some sort of an airlock and add a method of oxygenating the air but I am sure this could all be done very quickly.

    14. can Dr Hilary talk about laryngectomees and the corona virus, are they more at risk ?, should they be going to work ? i believe they are more difficult to intubate is this a problem if they go to hospital? a lot of hospital doctors and nurses do not know how to deal with these patients.

    15. Does anyone know where to get a isolation note the gp has said you must go to 111 nhs but you can only get one if u have the virus I have asthma and type 1diabetes breathing not great after having flu so I am self insulating but work place needs insulation note help

    16. I had a knee brace fitted a week ago yesterday. I had a telephone consultation with the person who fitted it and discovered he was self isolating. I do not know whether he has the virus or not but if he has could it still manifest in me a week later.

    17. Hi I’m 41 and I think I’ve had covid19 already ! I was very Ill about a month ago flu like Symptoms nothing like any I’ve had before.
      Could this of happened?? As it’s been here longer than the government are letting on thanks John in Telford

    18. I was with my daughter last sat we are both fit & healthy but Sunday her husband cane down Iill, feeling very tired & sick, anyway a few days later & he is very poorly with the cough high temperature & for sure has the virus, my daughter is fine as am I, but my question is am I ok to go to work on Monday as I was already off this week so have self isolated but due back to work monday (prison service)
      Thank you

    19. My best friend s daughter is now saying to her mother and little brother she hopes she dies they don’t understand she’s in love and as far as she s concerned Boris Johnson say 2 people can meet its crazy she out of control

    20. My best friends daughter meets her boyfriend every day she believe it’s allowed and refuse s to stop her mum is at her wits end and doesn’t know what to do cAnt stop her

    21. Morning. Gmb very informative. But dr h. Lorraine, piers just spoken about shopping and You need to know online deliveries are not happening!!! I have dilated cardiomyopathy, chronic kidney disease 3b, asthma, my husband has diabetes, we both have Mobility issues so have shopped online for last 3 yrs. woke up Monday morning to Ocado cancelling our online shop. We’ve been self isolating since last Tuesday. Tried Tesco, Morrison’s, ASDA, no delivery or click and collect slots at least till mid April. Stop saying do online shopping please

    22. Morning if your a split couple can my x husband take the children this weekend although he lives with his parents he hasn’t got his own place

    23. Dear Dr Hilary, my sister and I have to help our brother, we do his washing for him, if he puts it straight in the boot with no contact is this safe. He has learning difficulties and as also been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer op can’t today may be on Thursday.

    24. Good morning, your all doing an amazing job, can I ask dr hiliary a question please, my husband visits his mum a few times a week to sort out her medication for the week, and do her jobs etc, she is 87 and has COPD and on oxygen 24/7 is it safer for him to go into lockdown with her, or continue as normal but keep his distance, your advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.


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