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Another UN walkout after Ahmadinejad mentions Israel in his address to the general assembly

President Ahmadinejad addressing the UN 23rd September 2009. Image courtesy UN Photo / Marco Castro

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sparked another series of UN delegation walkouts during his speech to the general assembly on September 23rd 2009, in New York.

The controversial president accused Israel of ‘genocide, barbarism and racism’. Some had left before the speech had even began in protest against the political strife that has plagued Tehran over the past months.

Ahmadinejad is also reported to have questioned whether the holocaust had actually taken place, last week.

It is clear that some of the international community regard Ahmadinejad to be a racist tyrant who stamps down on political opposition in his own country and displays outwardly anti semitic views.

However, during his speech he asks ‘How can one allow inhumane behaviour in Palestine to continue’. He also illustrated the destruction that Palestinian civilians have faced in the recent war on Gaza and economic blockade, he described as ‘genocide’.

Lets suppose that Ahmadinejads observations on Israels latest war on Gaza, economic blockade and Israeli policy towards Palestine has substance that can be backed up with solid evidence. Is it right for the international community to ignore these claims because they have come from a world leader who is unpopular in the west?

I thought the days were gone where any criticism of Israel led to cries of anti-semitism.

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Sunny Sharma
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One comment

  1. israelipolitics101

    it is very simple:
    (1) the man denies the holocaust took place.
    (2) the man compares the holocaust to events that have been described by the unites nations relevant bodies of inquiry as “war mistakes”, not intentional targeting of civilians, and you can read further in this regard here – http://israelipolitics101.blogspot.com/2011/04/what-richard-goldstone-did-write-and.html
    (3) the man has repeatedly anounced his intention to wipe out a Israel, a member state of the united nations.

    and you still wonder why respectable people are not willing to sit down and listen to him ?

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