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American Electric Power to Extend Lifespan of Cook Nuclear Plant by 20 Years

Donald C Cook Nuclear Power Plant

Indiana Michigan Power Company, an affiliate of American Electric Power, has awarded a contract to The Shaw Group Inc. to extend the lifespan of the Cook nuclear plan in Michigan, in the United States for another 20 years.

Shaw will provide engineering, procurement and construction services on projects designed to extend the life cycle of major components and ensure continuous operation of the plant for 20 more years.

The reactors of the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant, on the shores of Lake Michigan first went into commercial operation in 1975 and 1978 respectively. The units were initially licensed for forty years from their operational date.  The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission renewed the operating licenses of both reactors on 30th August 2005. The operating licence of Unit 1 will now expire in 2034 and Unit Two will expire in 2037.

Clarence Ray, chief executive officer of Shaw’s Power Group said:

“While many U.S. utilities are contemplating ordering new nuclear power plants, life extension modifications to the existing operating fleet will remain a robust business opportunity. Shaw has the experience and is ready to provide similar plant improvement services to clients across the nuclear industry.”

Shaw provides Systemwide maintenance and modification services to approximately 35% of nuclear units in the United States, including the nation’s two largest nuclear fleets. The firm also provides engineering, procurement and construction services for six AP1000 nuclear reactors in the US and project management services for four new reactors in China.

The Shaw Group Inc. is a Fortune 500 company with fiscal year 2010 annual revenues of $7 billion.

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