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“Air Crash Investigation: Hudson Splash Down” on National Geographic

Learn exactly what happened on Flight 1549 when an Airbus A320 landed in the Hudson River following a bird strike.

The story made headlines around the world and the flight crew were hailed as heroes for delivering over 155 passengers safely back to the ground on 15th January 2009. The pilot, Mr Sullenberger, retired shortly after the incident, but not before being honoured by President Bush, the United States Senate, attending the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama and being presented with the keys to the City of New York.

Watch the reconstruction as Patrick Harten, the air traffic controller, desperately tries to find a place for the stricken plane to land, hear from the passengers who witnessed a “miracle” when the giant aeroplane safely touched down on New York’s arterial waterway and find out about the Canada geese who were eventually found to be the cause of the incident.

An insightful documentary detailing the importance of teamwork, procedure and training in averting major disasters.

“Air Crash Investigation: Hudson Splash Down” airs on National Geographic at 9pm on 14th March 2011 in the UK.

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