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“Air Crash Investigation: Heathrow Crash Landing” on NatGeo Channel

In January 2008, the BA Flight 38 from Beijing to Heathrow experiences problems when coming in to land and very closely avoids a catastrophic incident. Despite minor bumps and bruises, the passengers and crew are all fine.

The Rolls Royce engines on a Boeing 777 come under close scrutiny, but investigators are ties up for months trying to find the culprit for the crash landing.

Investigators are puzzled when there appears to be nothing wrong with the aircraft despite mountains of evidence available to them. But when a similar problem occurs on November 26th 2008, with a Delta Shanghai flight, the investigators are able to compare the problems and reach a solution.

Go deep inside the engines of a Boeing 777 and see how pilots work on long haul flights.

“Air Crash Investigation: Heathrow Crash Landing” will air on the National Geographic channel on 7th March 2011 at 9pm.

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