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Accenture Wins Contract to Manage Japanese Radio Licensing

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication in Japan

Accenture has won a contract from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to manage the Productive and Reliable Telecommunications Network for Radio (PARTNER) system.

The PARTNER system manages radio network administrative functions in Japan such as processing broadcaster license applications and radio frequency management. Since June 2011, Accenture has been developing systems to reduce costs, improve compliance with regulatory reforms and increase the percentage of applications submitted online.

Yasuhiro Nishimori, Accenture’s Health & Public Service executive said:

“We are honored that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has selected Accenture as a partner to improve its cost structure and provide technical support for the PARTNER system. Accenture’s world-class application outsourcing services will help the Ministry combine efficient budget management with higher operational quality in the PARTNER system.”

Accenture has previously worked for the Ministry providing services such as project management, database management, strategic planning and application management. The contracting company generated net revenues of US $25.5 billion for the year to 31st August 2011 and works in over 120 countries employer a quarter of a million people.

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