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39th Anniversary of US Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion: “Roe vs Wade”

Defenders of infants’ right to life recognize January 23, 2012 as a reminder of the day when the US judicial system ceased to defend the truly innocent.  It was on this day 39 years ago that our highest and most respected judicial institution, the United States Supreme Court handed down the decision that made wholesale, constitutionally protected “murder” an American institution.

Since that day an incalculable number of innocent children have been unceremoniously killed by loving mothers who have been sorely mislead into believing that they were exercising their “reproductive” rights.  This is perhaps one of the most disheartening results of this most infamous Supreme Court decision popularly known as Roe vs. Wade, which resulted in convincing many well meaning and devoted women and mothers that killing the innocent is a constitutionally protected right.  In that same decision the Court ruled that the innocent did not have any constitutional protection.

The Church has always been and remains an ardent defender of the defenseless and teaches that only God can create a human life.  Therefore, it is beyond human authority to decide when a human life has value and when it does not have value.  Consequently, since humankind does not have the ability to create life, it also does not have the right to terminate a life.  This particular teaching that “God created” as stated in Genesis 1:27 illustrates that humankind is not a self-creator, but is created by God in His infinite love and compassion.

In recognition that this unfortunate slaughter as evidenced by such barbaric practices as “partial-birth” abortion continues, it is imperative that this discussion be reframed in order to communicate the difference between a woman’s right to reproductive decision, protection of health and well being, as well as the right to make truly informed decisions.

It is possible to re-establish the unique relationship that the Creator established between a woman and her child and the natural instinct to protect her offspring.   This is an important perspective for those Christian women who have been mislead and misinformed regarding the difference between self-focused health care and the abdication of their natural maternal instincts.

Let’s discuss this extreme difference, as well as the tolerable necessity of terminating certain pregnancies because of specific life threatening circumstance versus the decision of inconvenience that has been so long advocated by abortion rights advocates.  This comes under the misleading and false banner of “the right to choose.”

The truth is that the Church, pro-life advocates and defenders of the defenseless understand and agree with a women’s right to make certain decisions.  It is also true that the Church is obligated to teach that all life is sacred and deserving of protection.  Therefore, let us sit down and discuss what is true and right regarding the preciousness of those who carried us in their wombs and at their great peril.  Let us also learn from the righteous man Job where it is written “Let us choose for ourselves what is right; Let us know among ourselves what is good” (Job 34:4).  This statement suggests making decision based upon true and complete information that includes the limit and extent of our actions.

It is important to come to the understanding that the negative picture that abortion rights advocates paint of the Church is distorted, incorrect, deliberately misleading and unfair to a mother who so loves Her children.

Let us sit down and engage in a balanced conversation of why human life is so precious and deserving of both divine and human protection.

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