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2010 Opium Cultivation up 22% in South-East Asia

According to a report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, opium cultivation in Lao PDR, Thailand and Myanmar is up by 22% on 2009. The potential value of the “heroin harvest” in 2010 rose to US$ 219 million – an increase of US$ 100 million over the 2009 estimate, and a monetary increase of 82%.

An additional 6,400 ha of opium fields have been cultivated in Myanmar, making a total of 38,100 ha. Lao PDR increased from a total of 1,900 ha to 3,000 ha. Thailand’s opium sites increased from 211 ha to 289 ha.

Authorities destroyed 9,135 ha of poppy fields in South-East Asia in 2010: approximately 8,268 ha in Myanmar, 579 ha in Lao PDR and 278 ha in Thailand.

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