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UK General Election 2010 Final Results: Conservatives Have Most Seats


The final results for the UK General Election 2010 are now in, though Thirsk & Malton will hold their general election on 27th May owing to the death of a candidate.

The Conservatives hold the most seats, but do not have an outright majority and so will need to form a coalition with another party or else agree on policy with other parties in order to govern. There is still a small chance that Labour and the Liberal Democrats could form a coalition.

  1. Conservative 306
  2. Labour 258
  3. Liberal Democrat 57
  4. Democratic Unionist Party 8
  5. Scottish National Party 6
  6. Sinn Fein 5
  7. Plaid Cymru 3
  8. Social Democratic & Labour Party 3
  9. Green 1
  10. Alliance Party 1
  11. UK Independence Party 0
  12. British National Party 0
  13. Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force 0
  14. English Democrats 0
  15. Respect-Unity Coalition 0
  16. Traditional Unionist Voice 0
  17. Christian Party 0
  18. Independent Community and Health Concern 0
  19. Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 0
  20. Scottish Socialist Party 0
  21. Others 1

Turnout 29,598,381 65.1% of the electorate, an increase of 4.0%

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