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Macedonia and Greece Still Not Agreed on Naming Issue

Philip Reeker and Nikola Popovski in Macedonia

Macedonia and Greece are still without agreement after two days of ambassadorial talks in New York aimed at settling a naming dispute. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia wishes to be known as the Republic of Macedonia, whilst Greece refuses to recognise any reference to the term “Macedonia” as a province of its territory shares the name.

The Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General, Matthew Nimetz, said the meetings in the United States were “helpful and focused on the optimal way to move the process forward in a constructive manner”. The UN representative had been given “firm assurances” that the governments of the two countries are “sincere” in their efforts to find a solution through the UN process.

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker met with the Foreign Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Popovski, on Wednesday to discuss Macedonia’s NATO membership and further Euro-Atlantic integration. In the meeting, Minister Popovski reiterated his government’s commitment to the internationally-mandated naming process through the verdicts of the International Court of Justice and the UN brokered talks.

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