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Istanbul is Europe’s most congested city

The TomTom Congestion Index

According to GPS navigation provider, TomTom, Istanbul is now Europe’s most congested city.

On average, journey times in Istanbul are 57% longer than when traffic in the city is flowing freely and 84% longer during morning rush hour.

TomTom’s traffic database contains over six trillion data measurements and is growing by five billion measurements every day.

  1. Istanbul 57%
  2. Warsaw 45%
  3. Marseille 42%
  4. Palermo 40%
  5. Rome 34%
  6. Paris 34%
  7. Stuttgart 33%
  8. Brussels 33%
  9. Hamburg 32%
  10. Stockholm 30%

58 European cities were included in the survey which ran from April and June 2012.

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