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Hermione the Egyptian Mummy on Display at Cambridge University

Girton College has a newly refurbished small museum, the Lawrence Room, now open to the public once a week. On exhibition are many fascinating objects from three major collections, namely Anglo-Saxon, Egyptian and Mediterranean.

Perhaps the most interesting is the unique mummy of a schoolteacher named Hermione, who carries her name written in Greek on her fine painted portrait. She dates from the first century AD, when Egypt formed part of the Roman Empire but Greek was still the language in use. This year marks the centenary of her excavation, at Hawara in the Fayum, Egypt, by Sir William Flinders Petrie.

Open every Thursday, 2pm – 4pm (free entry); and at other times by appointment.

Address: Girton College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0JG, United Kingdom.

About Girton College

Girton College
Established in 1869 as a residential college for women, Girton occupies spacious grounds about two and a half miles North-West of the centre of Cambridge next to the village of Girton. Girton has acquired a wide range of important artefacts which have been brought together in a small museum, later named the Lawrence Room in memory of Amy Lawrence (Girton 1891).

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