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“Great Migrations: Born to Move” 7th November 2010 on National Geographic Channel

Stephen Fry narrates a beautifully shot nature documentary full of slow motion filming and time lapse photography showing the great migrations of some of the Earth’s most majestic creatures.

From the monarch butterfly in Mexico, to the sperm whale in the Azores and the wildebeast of the Serengeti, this series for National Geographic Channel brings fans of nature documentaries everything that they could possible want to see.

The red crabs of Christmas Island may well make the audience itch, especially when the yellow crazy ants start eating their eyes. Fans of minutes-old wildebeast, finding their feet after birth, may be dismayed to see the crocodiles make a light lunch of the affair. The camera soon moves on, however, just as the animals themselves.

Family friendly watching, Great Migrations: Born to Move will be aired on Sunday 7th November 2010 at 9pm on National Geographic Channel in the UK.

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