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The Global Herald is an entirely online newspaper set up in 2009 to present news in a new format, completely independent of news agencies and international news networks.

By providing a platform for experts, academics, and leaders, The Global Herald looks to avoid sensationalism, and tries to shift the focus of coverage from negative angles.

The Global Herald is founded upon principles of fairness, accuracy and truth.

The Global Herald aims to inform, entertain and educate, and to stimulate rigorous debate; accurately reporting the issues of the day; and providing a forum for contemporary thinkers: The Global Herald seeks to provide news and opinion.

The Global Herald is entirely owned and operated by 24 Hour Trading Ltd, and is independent of all other established media groups.

24 Hour Trading Ltd is a Registered Company in England & Wales, Company Number: 7324510. Registered Office: Office E Coach House, Swinithwaite, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 4UH, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

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